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Browse the history of Artillery through vintage photographs.

A photo of Cyrus Owen Roach in Military Uniform
People in this photo:
Cyrus Owen Roach
1873 - Aug 23, 1915
A photo of the chaîne de guerre of Manuel Mancilla, Matricule 1299 Classe 1899
People in this photo:
Manuel Mancilla
Born: 1878
A photo of Battery D, 6th Field Artillery U.S. Army, WWI, Harry Christensen standing back row 2nd from the left.U Unknown seating arrangement but name list as follows: 1). Sgt. Joseph Petrush of 204 Hayward Place, Wallington, N.J. 2). Henry Reiner, U.S. Army 3). Harry Christensen Corpl, Buffalo North Dakota (Standing 2nd from the left) 4). John C. Kadron of East Hammond, Indiana 5). Jacob Klein, Corpl, 182 Garrison St. Maspeth, L.I. 6). Joseph Petrovic, Cpl. of 541 Marble Ave, Joliet, Illinois 7). Sgt. Anthony Slovitski of 72 Hudson Ave, Brooklyn, New York 8). Cpl. Lee R. Crim, Shoal, Indiana 9). Martin Scymansky, 32 Randall Ave, Trenton, New Jersey 10). Cpl. Nicholas A. Kiffe of 217 East Main St., Mankato, Minnesota 11). Sam Donofri, U.S. Army
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WWI image of Harry Christensen of Buffalo North Dakota. He is standing on the right. Wounded several times between 1917 and 1918.
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A photo of the Officer Cadet Training Unit Royal Artillery at LLandridod Wells dated 1941/1942. Back row, 3rd from right - Jacob Wilson (1913-1985) who went into Normandy on D-Day +10 Seem to recall his nickname in the Army was 'Curly'
People in this photo:
Jacob "Jake" Wilson
Nov 20, 1913 - Jan 3, 1985
Oxted, England, United Kingdom
A photo of Christian Sierra Almodovar
People in this photo:
Christian Sierra Almodovar
Born: Nov 16, 1986
Hinesville, GA, Georgia USA
A photo Ray Arrie Jones, Fort Sill , Basic training
People in this photo:
My maternal grandfather, George Luther Houghton, a driver in the Royal Field Artillery, is standing third left with a towel draped over his shoulder. He was gassed and invalided out of the service, but suffered the effects for the rest of his life.
People in this photo:
A photo of my dad Harold Robert Hunt. Taken when my dad Harold Robert Hunt was in the Army in the 1950s
People in this photo:
A photo of Chilton Lowell Jones (center)
People in this photo:
Chilton Lowell Jones
Sep 15, 1930 - Jun 1, 2013
Did His Share: .A photo of George William James Allamby. George was a Heavy Artillery Gunner in the R.A.A joining on 28 September 1942. Then he transferred to R.A.A.F on 27 September 1943 until the end of war. He was a Leading Aircraftsman. George survived the war.
People in this photo:
George William James Allamby
Mar 18, 1922 - Dec 26, 1997
VIC, Australia
Going off to war: My grandfather Joe Albert Edmondson in 1899 being deployed to the Philillipine American War (Philippine Insurection).
People in this photo:
Corporal Henry Lowndes Allan, son of Francis Davis and Virginia Radcliff Lowndes. Allan, was born August 22, 1842 in Houston, Texas. He enlisted January 31, 1863 in Jackson, Mississippi for the period of the war. He was attached to the 1st Co. Battalion, Washington Artillery, Louisiana Volunteers. Prior to regular service, he participated in the capture of the "Star of the West" under Colonel VanBuren on April 17, 1861 and joined the Memphis Southern Guards prior to enlistment in the regular service. Allan was in the battle of Newbern, North Carolina, February 1864; Drewry's Bluff, May 1864; and the Siege of Petersburg, Virginia June through December 1864. He was captured near Petersburg, Virginia, April 7, 1865 and terminated his service with the Oath of Allegiance at Pt. Lookout Prison Camp, Maryland on June 23, 1865. After the war he was a merchant and died February 9,1883 in Galveston, Texas. South T. Lynn (GGS).
People in this photo:
Henry Lowndes Allan
Aug 22, 1842 - Feb 9, 1883
My Grandfather, Frank Triscik, a Slovak Immigrant, (1878- 1917) served in the US army in both the 4th and 21 Infantry from Oct. 1900 to Oct 1903. He spent 14 months in the Philippines during the Philippine Insurrection or Philippine War of Independence (1899–1902).
People in this photo:
Frank Triscik
1878 - 1917
John Aurisano. He is the son of Mary Centerino Aurisano and Michael Aurisano. World war II picture.
People in this photo:
John Carlo Aurisano
Born: Nov 8, 1927
Civil War era photo of Mansel B. Wood of the CSA (C.S.A., Private, Co. C, 12th Georgia Battalion, Georgia Light Artillery)
People in this photo:
Mansel B. Wood
Born: Mar 24, 1832
George W. Southwood in uniform, 1942 Texas: A photo of my Dad before he departed for Europe. He saw Action at Normandy, and Battle of the BUlge. He was awarded two Purple hearts and a Bronze Star.
People in this photo:
Lt. John Bassett Arringdale, a lieutenant in the 5th Colored Heavy Artillery Unit, stationed in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The soldiers were a "colored" volunteer unit, commanded, as was usual back then, by white commanders.
People in this photo:
Lt. John Bassett Arringdale
Born: Jun 10, 1836
My dad Joseph T. Browning, in a photo of Battery B, 5th Battalion, 2nd TNG REGT F.A.R.C. 7th cycle (August 21, 1942). Capt. S.P. Palmer was the commander. Other names unknown.
People in this photo:
This is another photo found with my grandfather's belongings. The only thing on the photo was Jacbas and Hawk. I am assuming these two were with my grandfather in his unit 581st AAA serving in the Rhineland in 1945.
The one laying down in the middle is my grandfather, Kenneth Seibert. He served in the 581st AAA in Germany, World War II. This is a photo that was in his belongings but it did not contain a location or any names of the others in the photo. He served between Dec 1944 to Apr of 1946
People in this photo:
My Grandfather, Kenneth Seibert, sitting in front, served in the 581st AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion. He served in the European Theatre. He left 24 DEC 1944 and returned home 04 APR 1946. He did not list the location of this photo but I would assume it is near the Rhineland.
People in this photo:
Photo of the Austro-Hungarian Artillery unit at the Viennese Arsenal taken in 1898. Photo taken by photographer Viktor Angerer (1839 - 1894).
Image of the Austro-Hungarian Artillery unit at the viennese Arsenal in 1898. Photo taken by photographer Viktor Angerer (1839 - 1894).
From an Anaconda, Montana photo alumb, photo of an unknown man with WWII artillery. Would like to know more about the time period and what type of weapon this is...
Headstone reads: "John Morrison, Captain Clark's Illinois Regt., Artillery, Rev. War" NOT MY RELATIVE, I have no information on this person. Headstone located in a cemetery in Frankfort, KY.
People in this photo:
my Grandfather Benjamin Joesph Penn Born on 13th Feb 1901 In Inverell NSW. Married Alelaide Coss from Bingara NSW in 1929. Both worked at Myle Creek Station Bingara, before they married. Joe Served in WW11 from 1942 to 1945 he was a returned service man.
People in this photo:
Bemjamin Joesph Penn
Born: Feb 13, 1901
This is a photo of 2nd Lt. John James Latham RFA North Staffordshire Regt 1916-21 added by John Latham on April 6, 2011.
SSGT Harold Esperum on duty with the US Army in Korea during the Korean Conflict.
People in this photo:
Harold N. Esperum
Jun 5, 1930 - Feb 1, 2009
Seattle, WA
My Dad, Les Goff,(upper right) and some of his comrades in the 18th anti-tank battery, canadian army just after the end of world war 2. Valentine /Archer tank.
People in this photo:
Les Goff
Born: Oct 5, 1918
Forse W. Knaub of Dillsburg, York County, PA in 1898. The medal with the encased photo reads: CUBA 1898 SPANISH AMERICAN WAR - FOR HUMANITY'S SAKE - FORSE W. KNAUB, HARRISBURG, PA. BATTERY D, 2nd ARTY - USR
People in this photo:
Forse W. Knaub
1882 - Jan 9, 1946
This is Guy John Canady, son of John Franklin Canady & Ida May Martha Jane Josephine Davis. Guy was born 14 Apr 1895 in Sprague, Lincoln county, Washington. He married twice. First wife was Mary. Second wife was Lena Lucille Bryant, married 30 Jul 1940 in Reno, Nevada. Guy died 15 Sep 1984 in Ventura county, California. During World War I, he was in Company A, 11th Machine Gun Battalion.
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