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The Liverpool Scottish unit marching in a church parade at Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent County, England in 1914. Liverpool Scottish is a unit of the British Army that was formed in 1900. They were the first battalion to arrive in France shortly around the time this picture was taken. Approximately 1 out of 10 soldiers of the Scottish regiment died during World War 1.
Art Morrison in his 1st company car in 1917. Gypsy Oil was a subsidiary of the Gulf Oil Corporation based in Oklahoma and created in the early 1900s.
What a photo... Civil War veteran John A. White with his wife Susan Catherine Davenport in their older years. John died in 1933 at the age of 97.
Moving day for the Shaulis family - in Iowa. Four horses, three children, two parents, and one dog . . . with their possessions on a "covered" wagon. That's a lot of work!
110 yrs ago, this was a summer party in the U.S. Hope there is more laughter and sunshine at your party today! Happy 4th of July!
Robert Harshbarger Sr. was born into the Harshbarger family.
Terry Lee Barnes (died 1983) was born into the Barnes family. Terry died in 1983 in California. Their family lists the cause of death as: suicide. Terry was buried on 1983 in West Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana.
William Cooper with his wife Mabel Wetmon and son Cyril taken in Vancouver Canada in 1914. We love these family photos where clearly the 'star' of the photo is the car ;)
As we begin our own 4th of July celebrations, say hello to Ruth Jacobs and Bea Sprague in 1923 Kansas who knew how to celebrate the 4th in style!
Phyllis Irene Middleton (1932 - 1955) was born in 1932. She was born into the Middleton family. She died in 1955 at 23 years of age.