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I inherited this photo. Couple of his nieces didn't seem to know much more info. Site requires some selections re branch of service etc, but I really have no idea.
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Inscription: IHS, in the memory of Bridget H., wife of William Mullen, died August 8, 1867, aged 29 years. May her soul rest in peace. Amen Bridget was 8th child of Owen and Annie Harte Hennigan, who came over approx. 1847, from County Sligo, Drumcliffe/Barnaribbon area [fairly confirmed].
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Mom & Dad--WWII
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This is the older cottage. There were two on this same road, separated by a copse. The other one is replaced by modern home. See prior photo for more info.
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Photo: David Paul [descendant of Peter Hennigan/Hannigan; Ann and Jimmie Hennigan of Drumcliffe/BenBulben in County Sligo; Karyn Hannigan [descendant of Edward Hannigan of New Limerick, Aroostook County, Maine]. David had hired a researcher that tracked our ancestors to this location. We are 99% certain that this is our family roots here on the side of Benbulben. Jimmie & Ann operate a B&B on the slopes of Benbulben, but the older cottages were up and behind where their domain is now. We went up there and one of the older cottages--the one that Jimmie's father grew up in--remains as a rental. The other one, where we are 'guessing' that our ancestors actually lived before emigrating, was torn down and replaced by a large modern home that is used as a vacation home evidently by the new owner. [Wishe he rented it] Anyway, in 10/07, David, my daughter, Jennifer, and myself were there and visited Jimmie and Ann briefly. They were very hospitable to their 'drop-in' cousins and are somewhat interested in the genealogy. Ann will occasionally respond to my emails as she is very gracious. One of their offspring is evidently pursuing some of the family info, so maybe we can obtain more from them eventually. More photos.
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This is how it appears today. I forget the name of the owners currently. The railroad tracks are just down the incline from the house...and Ned [Edward] Hannigan gave permission to allow the train folks to put tracks over his land with the agreement that it would slow down when passing thru so that the boys [his sons] could hitch a ride into town.
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My maternal grandparents and my mother's youngest sister.
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Benjamin Barton, served in WWI. Became a missionary and died young of malaria.
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Byron served in WWII, in Europe. Photo taken at his sister's place in East Hodgdon. [Mildred Merritt Howard]
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K Hannigan Also: way back when...Thomas Merritt was born 8/2/1633-34 in London, England and died 11/10/1725 in Rye, Westchester, NY [age 91] He had 3 wives: 1] Jane ___ [?]** born 12/3/1636 died 1/4/1685 2] Abigail Frances born 2/14/1660 married 8/13/1688 3] Mary Ferris Lockwoodmarried 6/1696 died 1708 Children: 1. John b. 10/10/1657 in England died 4/10/1726 [age 68] 2.Alice b. 1/1/1660 in England died 6/10/1680 [age 20] 3. Joseph b. 6/6/1662 in Wethersfield, CT died 5/12/1754 [age 91] 4. Ephraim b. 5/5/1664 in Wethersfield, CT died after 1719 5.Jane b. 11/7/1666 in Wethersfield, CT 6. Isaac b. 5/3/1668 in Wethersfield, CT ] 7. Thomas [Sgt] Jr. b. 1/31/1670 died 1/30/1719 8. Samuel b. 8/21/1672 [m Elizabeth Underhill] died 1722 9. Joanna b. 11/18/1672 10. Rose b. 4/17/1674 in Rye, NY 11. Stephen b. 2/26/1677 12. Edward b. 3/10/1681 13. Matthew b.9/13/1681 14. Elizabeth b. 4/14/1683 15. Robert b. 1/19/1690 [this one can’t be Jane’s?]
Mar 10, 2013 · posted to the photo Dad and Uncle Fred Merritt
K Hannigan Any relation to George Barton who settled out there sometime in the late 1800s or early 1900s?
Jul 02, 2011 · posted to the photo Mr D Barton Evergreen High School
K Hannigan Stone is in Houlton, Maine [behind St Mary's]
Apr 30, 2011 · posted to the photo Bridget Hennigan Mullen [Sligo & No Maine]
K Hannigan No location given...so difficult to know if any possible connection with ?other Whites etc. So many of these photo posts do this...too bad the site didn't offer/suggest that as part of description. I am guessing these Whites are in the South?
Apr 30, 2011 · posted to the photo White, Wing, Perry
K Hannigan I have a Barton line, [maternal grandfather]...but not connected to Clara Barton that I know of. However, I do have a friend who told me that her Barton connection is connected to the angel of the battlefield. If you email me at archangel_kh@msn.com, I can send her your question and ask her if she has info to send to you. You also really should try some of the free search engines with your generational information. You have to start at the base [you, your parents, grandparents with birthdates, locations, marriages etc and then work further back in time with that. Just asking with the limited infrormation you posted may get you very little.
Mar 25, 2011 · posted to the story Who am I
K Hannigan Did I ever respond to you? James Edward Hannigan was my dad's name also...Maine though. I will pass this on to our 'expert'...who knows?
Mar 12, 2010 · posted to the story FATHER
K Hannigan No ID on this photo...names, where located etc...we may be connected. Email me at archangel_kh@msn.com
Mar 11, 2010 · posted to the photo Hannigan Family
K Hannigan where are your Kennedy's from?
Feb 05, 2010 · posted to the photo James E. and Jerushia (Bailey)
K Hannigan This belongs on Hannigan site.
Apr 05, 2009 · posted to the photo Munroe Children {Hodgdon, ME}
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