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Michelle Cassidy is a super cutie badootie at 3 years old.
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Wall Street, New York City, 1918 In this photo, Douglas Fairbanks raises a vertical Charlie Chaplin in the air, at the foot of the old Sub-Treasury building...
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American decathlete, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and United States Congressman Robert Bruce "Bob" Mathias was born on November 17, 1930 in Tulare,...
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The 1948 Summer Olympic Torch Relay Route Greece - the Flame went direct from Olympia to the coast at Katakolon, then by Greek warship to the island of...
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The 1948 London Olympic Torch Bearer John Mark. The Olympic flame was lit in Greece and carried through countries still scarred by he second world war. It...
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United States divers Bruce Harlan, Miller Anderson and Sammy Lee placed Gold, Silver, and Bronze, respectively for the 3 meter springboard at the London...
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Joe Strummer, co-founder, singer and guitarist of British punk band The Clash, was born John Graham Mellow on August 21, 1952 in Ankara, Turkey. His mother...
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Great photo of a California couple tailgating at the beach. The pickup truck and the sedan fit the time period perfectly. Of course, so do their high-waist...
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Robert Kahn was born in New York City, New York to Eastern European Jewish parents on October 24, 1915. He had a sister named Doris Atlas. He changed his...
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Michelle Cassidy Southpark totally gleaned inspiration for Awesom-O 3000 from these kids!!
Oct 26, 2015 · posted to the photo Halloween Robots, 1950's
Michelle Cassidy This is an awesome photo!!
Aug 07, 2014 · posted to the photo Magnus Ferdinand Riedell family
Michelle Cassidy oh, WOW! This is an awesome photo, and in great condition. I'd love to hear the story behind this one.
Feb 28, 2013 · posted to the photo Thomas A. Edison & Lula Van Noy, New Jersey
Michelle Cassidy I'm sorry.. what the heck? I don't think this is the type of material that should be on ancientfaces.
Dec 20, 2011 · posted to the photo Andrew Delapena
Michelle Cassidy Love this photo!!
Oct 16, 2011 · posted to the photo Folies Bergere Costume
Michelle Cassidy As a young person, I find that I take genealogy for granted. This was until I found AncientFaces. Hearing other success stories made me want to discover and share a little more about my own ancestry. During my first search for information on the surname Cassidy, I found that I share lineage with former President Bill Clinton! His mother's maiden name was Virginia Dell Cassidy. President Clinton, whose father died before he was born, lived with his maternal grandparents for several years as a child while his mother attended nursing school. President Clinton credits his grandfather, James Eldridge Cassidy, with instilling in him a love for learning and teaching him to read by age four. Just an interesting tidbit I wanted to share. :)
Mar 14, 2006 · posted to the surname Cassidy