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James Garner, actor Jul 23, 2014
RIP James Garner , A favorite actor . If he really had a Garner line i would be Very interested as i have one in my tree .
Jerome (Jackie) Becker Mar 21, 2014
I always called him Uncle Jerry
Clara Gordon April Mar 21, 2014
Looking for any living famlly of Clara Gordon April
Need to find her correct DOB because my grandfather Louis, i believe is the youngest
Paulette Gutmajnster Jun 20, 2013
I agree My heart goes out to her and all those who perished .
I am looking for a death Certificate for his Oldest Sister Esther Becker Kraitz that hopefully shows their real mother's name . Also for their oldest Brother Jack probably Jacob Becker..said to...
Kathy, we are currently living in Germany.
My grandmother.. I really wish there was a way to improve the image to enlarge a bit and surprise my mom with.
Gold Nugget Buffet Sep 19, 2006
Connie , where you ever on the FRENCH surname list ?
Alfred G Osborn Mar 20, 2006
Lori, This is an interesting picture. Do you know where he is from and his parents ect ? We have exchanged e-mail before. Lorri_french@yahoo.com
UPDATE: I have found out that Hyman Came in 1878 to NY , then Rose (Rosie) (TABACH) & Daughter Esther Shapiro, (She must have been an infant) came in 1878 from Russia. Also found that Eshter's...