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About: Carter, Weter/Weeter?Witter, Belter, Free, Rose, and not sure of the rest at this time. Hello, my name is Heather Free. My descendents are the Carters' through Thomas Henry Carter. He would be my great great grandpa on my mother's side. I am also searching for Peter Weeter, he was born in Pennsylvania as far as I can tell. I have quite a bit of information on him, but not enough to lead to his parents. He was born in 1765 in Armstrong, Penn and died in 1843 in Clarion Co. Penn. He married Catherine Over (Ober) whose father was John Over (Ober). He had 11 children, all of whom I have names for and also a few dates and marriages on them. I am also searching on the FREE family at this time. It is my husband's lineage. We are having trouble connecting Elvin D. (possibly David) Free and his father Joseph Henry Free. We have Elvin's birth certificate. But we cannot get it to cross reference right. And we really cannot find much on Joseph, aside from a 1880 census that leads us to know he was born in Texas and his father was Elbert Free. I am not sure if this is all right but this is what I have found and also my husband on the matter. I have not really started on the Rose family. My grandmother's mother, Lillie (Lillian)Rose, married Claud Weter and her father was Frederick Rose. Her mother was Frances. But that is all I have on the Rose side. I have not started on the Belter's at all. They are connected by Rachel Belter, born and raised in Clinton, Custer, Oklahoma. Died within ten miles of where she was born. She married Charles Grandville Carter in 1921. That is all for me. I do not think I really know what I am doing at the moment but I will learn through trial and error. Thanks for reading this!
Surnames: Carter, Rose, Free, Weter, Weeter, Belter, Witter

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This is fascinating. This lady was married to my great great great grandfather, Henry Carter. I am glad to be able to put a face to a name. Thanks!