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Name: Susan Petersen
Member since: Jan 20, 2008 2435 days old
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About: I have been researching my family since 2000. I am totaslly absorbed. I started scrapbooking in 2004, as an extention of my reseach.
Surnames: Ford, Hale, Hicks, Barr, Stanton, Mcconnell, Bundy, Jones, Benson, Eldridge, Patterson, Mann, Matthews, Bruner, Frazier, Dougherty, Phelps, Elliott, Bates, Emmons, Neff, Barron, Baron, Raemisch, Foote, Welter, Herod, Townson, Brigham, Ruel, Ruhl, Hoadley, Dohr, Raake, Thornbery, Wissler, Stobaugh/Stonebaugh, ....wheeeew, Roemisch

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