Popular Authors and Journalists From Our Past

Created on Oct 06, 2016 by Kathy Pinna
Reading used to be so formal. When a minority of the populace could read, writers wrote for the "elite". As more people were able to read, comic books, graphic novels, science fiction, bodice rippers, potboilers, mysteries . . . more genres became popular. These are some of the popular writers of their time. How many (and which kinds) have you read?

The history of reading and writing: The earliest known existence of writing is from Mesopotamia in 8,000 BCE. After the fall of Rome (where everyone, free and slave needed to be able to read), literacy rates fell dramatically - until pre-modern times to around 30 - 40%. While literacy rates currently vary around the world, it is true that throughout the world over half of the population, at least, can now read. And that's a lot of reading!
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