The 1910's - Fashion in Flux

Created on Apr 28, 2016 by Kathy Pinna
Hems above the ankle... soft and fluid lines... Orientalism... harem pants and turbans... kimonos... hobble skirts... corsets to support, not constrict... lampshade tunics... the beginning of Chanel. What crazy decade in fashion was this? The 1910's!

1917 Cleopatra

Cleopatra film - Theda Bara 1917

While this is movie star Theda Bera's costume, it shows all the influences of 1910's fashion

High fashion, 1919

Woman modelling 1919 dress

High fashion evening dress in 1919. Just lovely.

1916 "Marching Costume"

Suffragette marching costume, 1916

This 1916 suffragette wouldn't wear a hobble skirt - she wore pants under a skirt (scandalous!) so she could freely march for women's rights.


Vogue cover, 1917

Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney - Vogue magazine

This is Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, great-aunt of Anderson Cooper, on the cover of Vogue.

1918 flowing dress

Schuyler & Eltha (Lavender) Brinkman

This dress follows more closely the lines of a woman's figure, a feature of late 1910's dresses.

Bathing fashion 1918

Mack Sennett's Bathing Beauties 1919

Mack Sennet's "Bathing Beauties" in 1918 "skimpy" bathing suit fashion!

Sunday drive, 1911

Lea Penman & George Engel

What can we say? They're just what we think of when we think of the 1910's.



Sarah "Satie" Rorick

This skirt and blouse still show the influence of the 1900's.

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