The 1920s Changed Our Daily Lives - And Not How You Might Think

Created on Apr 20, 2020 by Kathy Pinna
Women finally had the vote, more people lived in cities than on farms, alcohol was illegal (leading to lots of illegal drinking and sin taxes), the beginning of jazz, hems got short and women showed some skin . . . many thought it was the beginning of immorality. This was the 1920’s - the decade that influenced the decades that followed.

In America, the 1920’s brought social and technological change that was the basis for many shifts throughout the 20th century. Cars replacing horses, mega-cities replacing small towns, jazz replacing standard music (leading to rock and roll). “Anything goes”, including fashion. In Europe, it was known as the “Golden Age” since the economy flourished following World War 1 (although not in Germany!). It was a time of extreme change and yet the average family looked the same - and daily living was memorialized thanks to the changes in photography.


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The 1920s Changed Our Daily Lives - And Not How You Might Think

The quintessential flapper with a spit curl - 1924

Showing some leg - scandalous!

Love Mom's hat and purse in 1924

Who needs bathing suits?

Yep - gotta love those knickers

Sweet Mom and Son in 1923

Mom and daughter were stylin’

Pets weren’t only for the farm

Hunting bear was still a pastime for some.

Little boys still played “Indian”

Cars stood in for studio backdrops for families

Men's toys became cars

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