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AncientFaces Community

The AncientFaces community is comprised of people around the world who believe our past - and the people in it - matter.

We understand that people live on when we remember them, that our stories and memories matter, and that our loved ones and ancestors' life stories deserve to be told.

AncientFaces is a place to document family stories that would otherwise be lost, re-unite lost or 'orphan' photos with their families, for genealogists to showcase their discoveries while 'digging for their roots', provides families a place to mourn, and so much more.

More than just names and dates in a family tree, and more than what documents can tell us, it's our memories & family stories passed down through generations that show & tell us who people really were.

See What AncientFaces Does For You to see a few ways that members benefit from participating.
AncientFaces is a Free Family History Community where the only cost is your time. We are a place where everyone is encouraged to remember their loved ones and ancestors through sharing photos, stories, and memories.

By sharing we all learn more together, and often reconnect with family, old friends, and distant relatives.

All information shared on AncientFaces is monitored to make sure that we remain a Safe & Family Friendly Community. Please familiarize yourself with our Community Standards that we adhere to in order to maintain a fun experience for everyone.

Did you know? The AncientFaces team that develops the website (thank you for all the Feedback!) and supports the community are made up of a few families? Meet the Modern Faces of AncientFaces.
AncientFaces is a public Family Friendly Community. Everything you share on AncientFaces except private messages to other members is publicly available.

Sharing our family history for the world leaves open possibilities:

  • Discover more from friends & family friends whom you might not know exist.

  • Removes the need to pay for access to family history.

  • Distant relatives can share and discover where they came from.

  • Guarantees future generations have access to your family history.

  • Provides genealogists and family historians a place to share their discoveries with the world.

See About AncientFaces for more information about the community and Our Mission.
Many of our favorite applications rely on feeds to communicate within their networks. Twitter's feed is known for news and politics, Facebook's and Instagram's feeds are populated with photos to share with friends, and LinkedIn's feed is a place for professionals to network.

AncientFaces is a Family Network comprised of people who believe our past, and the people in it, are important. A community that shares about our loved ones and ancestors so that they are always remembered.

The primary communication method within the AncientFaces Family Network are Alerts which notifies the community when new information is shared.

By simply participating at AncientFaces your activity generate Alerts to other members. When you share photos or memories about a person, Alerts notify the community about your updates.

The AncientFaces feed is comprised of "Community Alerts" that show recent contributions by other members. It provides us all insight into people's lives, many of whom we never knew existed, and shares some glimpses into our shared history.

"Favorite Alerts" are shown to members with a free account, and are populated with updates to their Favorite Memories which include people, photos, popular topics, last names, and other members the follow.


Collaborative Biographies are unique pages dedicated to individuals where anyone can update and share information.

Similar to Wikipedia but where you don't need to be famous to have a biography.

In addition to sharing photos and building their family tree, the Biography section is where we share about their Heritage, Childhood, and Adulthood, and Stories are the place to add articles, stories, and memories that only you control.

Biographies are collaborative meaning everyone is encouraged to share what they know. You'll find it helpful if you invite family to participate, but if you can't, you'll find over time others will share as well. It's really special some of the Meaningful Connections made between distant relatives and old family friends over the years.

If someone you want remembered doesn't yet have a biography, then go to Share Memories and select "+ Biography" to begin sharing about them.
We all do! Biographies are collaborative and a way for us to share what we all know, and together discover more.

Because of this no one single person controls a biography. By building biographies together we aim to show an accurate and more complete representation of who a person really was.

Everything shared on AncientFaces is Human Reviewed to make sure that contributions adhere to the spirit of Our Mission.

See the Collaborative Biographies Tutorial for more information.
We believe by sharing our family history we can work together to provide a more accurate insight into our shared history. All biographies and photos on AncientFaces are public.
Collaborative Biographies are for family and friends to share their stories and memories, and for genealogists to share their discoveries from digging for their roots.

Anyone can edit and update the details in a biography by clicking the pencil icons next to the Introduction, Heritage, Childhood and Adulthood sections, but your stories, photos, and comments are unique to you. Just click the pencil icon to correct false information or provide more accurate details.

Click "+ Story" to add family stories, personal memories, or articles and research you've discovered, "+ Photo" to add photos, or post a comment to ask questions, share information, and leave notes.

If you're just curious about a person and don't have anything to share, click the heart at the top of the page and you'll receive alerts each time new information is shared.

See the AncientFaces Community Standards for details on how to share information.
Yes, after all we are all at the bottom of our family trees!

If you include information about anyone who is alive please be mindful to their right to privacy. Also understand if an individual requests a biography about themselves to be deleted then we will respect their wishes.
If there is a biography about you then Contact Us and select "Request to Remove Information". We'll remove the page and respond right away!

Any information you share can be removed by editing the biography. Since biographies are collaborative and everyone can contribute, biographies for public figures and biographies where others have shared information cannot be deleted except for unique circumstances.

See Community Standards Request to Remove Information for more details.
Yes - and thank you for letting us know about them! We aim to have one biography for one person and sometimes 'dupes happen'.

Please Contact Us and select "Request to Merge Biographies" and fill in the necessary information.

We'll merge the two biographies and look for any conflicts. Thank you for helping to provide a clean genealogy database.
To set the profile photo that is used as the primary image for a biography select the 'Photos' tab on the biography, or scroll down to the Photos section, then click the 'Main' button located at the top right of any given photo.

If a particular photo that you want to use as the profile image does not appear in this section, then the person is not tagged in the photo.
When tagging a person in a photo or adding a biography to a family tree you can add biographies by ID.

The ID is the last string of numbers in a biography's url. So for example, with the biography:
the ID is 38748805.


Antique, film, or digital photos - We encourage you to share whatever meaningful moments from your life, of your loved ones and ancestors.

Please be mindful of privacy if sharing photos of a living person. Oh, and we really aren't the place to share 'Selfies' of yourself.
If you want to delete a photo that you've shared, at the bottom of the photo page (a page that begins with click "Changes" to expand the tab. At the bottom of this section click 'Disable photo' in the bottom left.

If there is a photo that you want deleted that is about you and you did not share, then please Contact Us and we'll remove it right away.

If there is a photo that you want removed for another reason, then please contact the member who shared the photo. Click on the name of the member who shared the photo on the photo page to go to their member profile. On this page you can message the member towards the top of the page.
Any photos you share on AncientFaces belong to YOU. Period. The end of story.

We watermark these images so that when they are shared elsewhere everyone can find who originally shared the photo on AncientFaces.
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