Bonnie Ewen

A young Bonnie Ewen with cat "Buttons" in Coronado
Date & Place: in Coronado, California USA
Unknown - Unknown
Updated Aug 07, 2020

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Daniel Pinna
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Ancient Faces
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(Caution: Dog people, avert your gaze!) August 8 is International Cat Day. For cat lovers, the attraction begins at an early age. Witness the affection between little Bonnie and Buttons in 1949 Coronado CA.
Aug 07 · Reply
Suzanne Lawrence
It must be true!
Sally Roffey Ivison
Very tender .❀
Pam Kroetsch
Hmmmmmmm, she looks familiar 😁 ....where was Sandy? πŸ˜‚
Not born yet, dummy! LOLOL
Rob Janusch
My favorite cats...
Carrie N Larry Morgan
That’s one healthy looking kitty ❀️ sweet photo
Dawne Zotz
Julie Gorriz
My birthday's the 8th. Hooray cuz I love cats!!
Kathy Davis
Elaine Webb. Party like Rock stars
SJ Blain
I love all animals!
Nina Morway
54 favorites
Cat people have higher IQs. I read it in the internet.
Aug 07 · Reply
Marilynn Marlow
We can be cat AND dog lovers 😍😍
I've had both - at the same time - all my life. I agree! :)
Scott Patch
Aug 8th is National beer day, Far more important
Suzanne Tate
Laura Hydown Farms
but back in the day paintings showed women with dogs, that meant love
Helen Norvell
Two sweethearts!
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