Christmas Tree for Horses, 1918

Updated Dec 13, 2021
Ancient Faces
Ancient Faces shared a photo
on Jan 08, 2012 10:33 PM
A photo of a Christmas tree for horses in 1918. In addition to the Christmas tree which was hung with apples, ears of corn and other horse dainties, well filled nose bags were provided.
Date & Place: in Washington D.C., United States
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AncientFaces commented on Dec 27, 2017
December 13 is National Horse Day and that gives me the opportunity to share one of my fav vintage photos: A Christmas tree for horses hung with "apples, ears of corn and other horse dainties". Way to appreciate your transportation! :) The horses also got nose bags. This is 1918 in Washington DC - but I think all horses today deserve the same treatment.
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