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Bacon Last Name History & Origin

Updated Jul 01, 2019


It would be fair to say that the country of orign of the name BACON has two disputed origins. Some say that it was first used by a French Priest in the early 1400's and other's, like myself, believ it most likely came in use after the Norman Conquest of 1066 (see below - meaing of the last name)

Name Origin

This most interesting surname has two possible interpretations, both of Germanic origin. It may be an occupational name for a pork butcher or someone who prepared and sold cured pork, from the Old French, Middle English "bacun, bacon", bacon, ham (of Germanic origin). Another source, and the one I prefer, says that the name derives from the Germanic personal name "Bac(c)o", "Bahho", from the root "bag", which meant to fight, which was common among the Normans in the form "Bacus", "Bacon".  So it would not be incorrect to think that the name was probably introduced into England by the Normans after the Conquest of 1066.

Spellings & Pronunciations

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Nationality & Ethnicity

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Famous People named Bacon

Albion Fellows Bacon (1865–1933), American reformer and writer
Anthony Bacon (British Army officer) (1796–1864), cavalry officer during the Napoleonic wars
Anthony Bacon (industrialist) (1718–1786), English industrialist
Augustus Octavius Bacon (1839–1914), American politician
Benjamin Wisner Bacon (1860–1932), American theologian
David Bacon (disambiguation), several people
Edmund Bacon (architect) (1910–2005), American urban planner
Edward Woolsey Bacon (1843–1887), American Congregational preacher and writer
Ernst Bacon (1898-1990), American composer and pianist
Everett Bacon (1890–1989), American football player from Wesleyan University, in College Football Hall of Fame
Ezekiel Bacon (1776–1870), American politician
Francis Bacon (1561–1626), knighted English philosopher, statesman and author
Francis Bacon (artist) (1909–1992), Anglo-Irish painter
Francis Thomas Bacon (1904–1992), British engineer
Gaspar G. Bacon (1886–1947), American politician
George B. Bacon (1836–1876), American Congregational preacher and writer
Henry Bacon (1866–1924), American architect
Irving Bacon (1893–1965), American character actor
Jim Bacon (1950–2004), Premier of Tasmania, Australia
Jim Bacon (rugby), Welsh rugby union and rugby league footballer
John Bacon (Massachusetts) (1738–1820), US Representative from Massachusetts
John Bacon (sculptor) (1740–1799), British sculptor
John Bacon (sculptor) (1777-1859), British sculptor
John M. Bacon, nineteenth-century American general
John Mackenzie Bacon FRAS, (1846–1904), English astronomer, aeronaut, and lecturer
John Baconthorpe (or John Bacon, c.1290–1346), learned English Carmelite monk
Jono Bacon, Ubuntu Community Manager
Kenneth Bacon (1944–2009), American journalist
Kevin Bacon (born 1958), American film actor
Leonard Bacon (1802–1881), American Congregational preacher and writer
Leonard Woolsey Bacon (1830–1907), American Congregational preacher and writer
Lise Bacon (born 1934), Canadian politician
Lloyd Bacon (1889–1955), American actor
Lucy Bacon (1857–1932), American artist
Max Bacon, lead singer for 1980s arena rock supergroup GTR
Max Bacon (politician) (born 1941), Missouri jurist and legislator
Michael Bacon (musician) (born 1949), American musician
Nathaniel Bacon (colonist) of the Virginia Colony, instigator of Bacon's Rebellion in 1676
Sir Nathaniel Bacon (died 1622), lawyer and MP for Norfolk, half-brother of Francis Bacon
Nathaniel Bacon (Jesuit), Secretary of the Society of Jesus from 1674 to 1676
Nathaniel Bacon (painter) (1585–1627), landowner and painter, nephew of Francis Bacon
Nathaniel Bacon (politician) (1593–1660), a Member of Parliament representing Cambridge University and Ipswich, grandson of Nicholas Bacon
Nicholas Bacon (courtier) (1510–1579), English politician during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal
Sir Nicholas Bacon, 1st Baronet, of Redgrave (c. 1540–1624), his son, the first man created a baronet
Sir Nicholas Bacon, 14th Baronet (born 1953), Premier Baronet of England, lawyer, and Page of Honour to Queen Elizabeth II
Nick Bacon, (1945–2010), American soldier and Medal of Honor recipient
Peggy Bacon (1895–1987), American artist and author
Reginald Bacon (1863–1952), Royal Navy admiral
Richard Bacon (broadcaster) (born 1975), English television and radio presenter
Richard Bacon (politician), British politician
Robert Bacon (1860–1919), American diplomat
Robert L. Bacon (1884–1938), American politician
Roger Bacon (1214–1295), Franciscan friar, English philosopher
Scott Bacon (born 1977), Australian politician, son of Jim Bacon
Sosie Bacon (born 1992), American film actress
Thomas Rutherford Bacon (1850–1913), American Congregational preacher, writer, professor of history
Walter W. Bacon (1879–1962), American accountant and politician, Governor of Delaware
Yehuda Bacon (born 1929), Israeli artist

Early Bacons

These are the earliest records we have of the Bacon family.

1258 - 1321
1286 - Unknown
1348 - Unknown
1399 - Unknown
1436 - Unknown
1456 - Unknown
1548 - c. 1618
1641 - Oct 4, 1714

Bacon Family Members

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Most Common First Names

Sample of 19 Bacon Biographies

Dec 24, 1892 - August 1970
Nov 12, 1892 - July 1965
Nov 21, 1882 - November 1968
Jan 16, 1914 - December 1989
Dec 16, 1914 - March 1981
Jul 14, 1929 - Sep 21, 1991
Dec 31, 1931 - Sep 7, 1994
Jan 6, 1896 - November 1974
May 23, 1904 - Jun 25, 1996
Jun 12, 1912 - August 1981
Sep 24, 1933 - May 3, 2000
Jun 9, 1892 - March 1975
Aug 19, 1889 - November 1971
Nov 16, 1950 - Mar 15, 1998
c. 1952 - Unknown
c. 1977 - Unknown
Oct 16, 1926 - Oct 6, 2005
Unknown - Unknown
c. 1900 - Unknown

Bacon Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Bacon family member is 70.9 years old according to our database of 13,057 people with the last name Bacon that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

70.9 years

Oldest Bacons

These are the longest-lived members of the Bacon family on AncientFaces.

1555 - Jun 6, 1673
118 years
Sep 30, 1889 - Oct 29, 1997
108 years
May 2, 1877 - May 1985
107 years
Jul 18, 1893 - Jul 31, 2000
107 years
Jul 19, 1891 - Nov 17, 1997
106 years
Jul 1, 1900 - Sep 9, 2006
106 years
Sep 2, 1901 - Sep 16, 2007
106 years
Jul 29, 1901 - Sep 1, 2004
103 years
Oct 1, 1888 - Mar 30, 1992
103 years
Apr 14, 1904 - Jul 16, 2007
103 years

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