What is AncientFaces?

Every photo holds a mystery and tells a story

AncientFaces is a free community comprised of people around the world who believe in sharing their family history and genealogy. AncientFaces creates a picture of our shared past through the collaborative effort of our online community. Through uploading our own vintage family photos we enable others to discover our visual history.

All of the historical records at AncientFaces are shared by the community and in collaboration with various government and private organizations. These records are made available, free for private individual use, so we remember history through the eyes of those who lived it. Every photo holds a mystery and tells a story. The AncientFaces community believes in sharing our vintage photos with the world so that we can all remember and experience the past.

Create a free account and try sharing a few photos to see what happens. You might discover a cousin, or find a photo of your great-grandmother, but your contribution will help write history.

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Quick tips

  • The AncientFaces community began in early 2000.
  • AncientFaces is one of a few truly free genealogy resources.
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