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This was my dad's Graduation Class from Sampson, New York Signalman school. My dad was at the bombing of Pearl Harbor in WW II. He saw his best friend get his arms and legs blown off right in front of him, when their ship was was torpedoed. My dad was a Signalman 2nd. class and fell from the Crow's Nest and woke up a week later in his bunk. When I was in my late 20's dad told me how he never reported his fall and had a long scar going down his outer thigh on his left leg, that was left after his ripped thigh was sewn back up. He was close to his discharge date and just wanted to get home from the Navy and never reported his accident and never collected the disability he should have received. He had the following medals: World War II Victory Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Theatre Medal, Phiilipine Liberation Medal and (1) bronze star. I also have an 11x14 brown/black and white picture of the battleship #713 he was on and I think this was the first battleship he was on as he had been on two different ones, one was blown out from under the men on board during a bombing raid. My dad passed away on March 3, 1999 in Holyoke, Ma. and is buried in St. Jerome Cemetery on Northampton St. in Holyoke, Ma. Any WW II Navy Veterans who served with my dad can find him on my "Public Family Tree," listed as: "Bissonnette-Christian-Brown-McAlpine-Barr-Wadsworth-Holden-Tiger-Root-Oatkey-Atkins-Nave-Branchcomb-Nichils-Walz-Gelinas-Vann, " and my public tree can be accessed through or Owner of Public Family Tree is (me): I would be happy to add any Naval Records, pictures, etc. from any of dad's Navy buddies who might be still alive and have any Naval stories to tell. My dad entered the Navy on October 2, 1943 and was discharged on April 11, 1946, his 21st. birthday.
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This is the Wedding photo for Patrick James McAlpine, Jr. b. Feb 27, 1903 in Holyoke, Ma. d. Brooklyn, New York 1969 and Ellie Guillot-Daiz-McAlpine b. 1906 in Bordelonville, Louisiana d. ?. This was Patrick's only marriage and they separated after 10 years, never got a divorce or had any children. Ellie first married at age 18 to Daiz and he died, no children by 1st. marriage either. After separating from Patrick. Ellie moved back to Louisiana where she was a Cajun cook in the French Quarter. I used to write to aunt Ellie and then she went into a nursing home in Louisiana and I never heard from her again. I presume she's dead by now (June 2007) but could never find her obit or burial records. Patrick is buried in Calvary Cemetery on Northampton Street in Holyoke, Massachusetts. I have a Public Family Tree at and listed as: "Bissonnette-Christian-Brown-McAlpine-Barr-Wadsworth-Holden-Tiger-Root-Oatkey-Atkins-Nave-Branchcomb-Nichols-Walz-Gelinas-Vann." Owner of Public Family Tree is: (me) I would like to hear from anyone who might have any information on Ellie Guillot-Daiz-McAlpine or know anything about her death, obit or burial as I have McAlpine family history to share with them.
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This is Emma Lou Briggs, b. Mar 3 1892; d. Apr 26 1967 in Muskogee, Ok. 1st. husband was Martin J. McAlpine from Holyoke, Ma. They married in Star, Alabama. One daughter, Patricia b. Dec 19 1931. Patricia married Henry (Hank) Adams Sept 4 1954. Emma Lou's Marriage #2 to unknown. Two sons, Oscar and Grant. I am looking for any member of the Briggs family to add their info to my Public Family Tree at or Public Family Tree is listed as: "Bissonnette-Christian-Brown-McAlpine-Barr-Wadsworth-Holden-Tiger-Root-Oatkey-Atkins-Nave-Branchcomb-Nichols-Walz-Gelinas-Vann." Owner of Tree is: Would also like to find anyone who had relatives that went to the "Eufaula Boarding School," a Government run Boarding school for Indian Girls around the Sapulpa, Oklahoma area in the 1900's. Would like to find decendants of Oscar and Grant ? to fill in gaps in Family History. It's possible they also were born in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Mother: Emma Lou Briggs - Father: unknown. They are a few years younger than Patricia McAlpine who would be 76 this coming Dec. 19, 2007, if still alive. Patricia's last know address was Muskogee, Oklahoma and then Houston, Texas.
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This photo came out of an album my great Aunt Nora Nichols sent to my mother from Sapulpa, Oklahoma. The album once belonged to my maternal grandmother, Mary Wadsworth when she was growing up in Oklahoma. The original album was a black page scrap book with captions done in white ink. At some point, my now deceased mother, removed all the photos from the album and most of the pictures have no information on the backs of them. All that idendifies this picture is the name Jessie written across the bottom. It's possible he comes from the family of Samuel William Brown, Sr. or Samuel William Brown, Jr., both elected and Hereditery Chiefs of the Yuchi/Creek Native Americans from Sapulpa, Creek County, Oklahoma. After a little research on more old photos, I think this boy is Jessie Tiger, brother-in-law to Juanita Brown-Tiger of Sapulpa, Creek, Oklahoma. Juanita was the daughter of Samuel W. Brown, Jr. and Mattie May Payne-Brown. Juanita's husband also had a sister named Louise and have a few photos of her with Juanita and my grandmother, Mary Wadsworth in front of their home in Sapulpa. Does anyone know of this Tiger family? Contact me at
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This is a High School picture taken of my grandmother, Mary Wadsworth. She had attended the Eufaula Boarding School which was a Government run Boarding School for Indian Girls in the 1900's. I'm guessing this photo was taken between 1918 and 1921. I am looking to correspond with anyone who might have old pictures from this boarding School time period or can tell me how to find information about this school in order for me to obtain my grandmother's school records for our Genealogy files. Would anyone have any information about this old Boarding School?
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This is a picture of my maternal grandmother, Mary Wadsworth. I'm assuming it was taken between 1917 and 1920 when she was around age 14 to 17. Would anyone know about the Busy Bee Cafe in Sapulpa, Oklahoma? Notice how you could buy a meal for 50 cents.
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The date this picture was taken is unknown but think it could be from the late 1940's, early 1950's. Left to right: George Emil Bissonnette (my paternal grandfather), Meta Gertrude Denton-Bissonnette (my paternal grandmother), Annie Theresa Doran-McAlpine (woman who raised my mother), Catherine Veronica McCafferty who dropped the Mc from her name after arriving from Ireland and who also helped to raise my mother, Anna josephine (Brown)McAlpine-Bissonnette.
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Catherine Veronica McCafferty was born to James McCafferty and Jane Gallagher in Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland on November 17, 1888 although I can't be certain of correct birth date as she always told me she was born in the year of the "Great Potato Famine" in Ireland and I've never sent for her birth certificate. When she came to the United States as a teenager she dropped the Mc from her name. She never married and spent her life working in the old Crocker Mills and Skinner Silk Mills of Holyoke with her cousin, Patrick James McAlpine, Sr. who was born in County Cork, Ireland. She also worked as a housekeeper for Doctor Gear of Holyoke, Ma. and private homes taking care of children and housekeeping.
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This is the death certificate for Annie Doran-McAlpine, the woman that raised my mother, Anna Josephine (Brown)McAlpine-Bissonnette. She was born Dec. 24, 1873 in County Mayo, Ireland to Terence Doran and Sabina McCarthy-Doran. She is burried in Calvary Cemetery on Northampton Street in Holyoke, Massachusetts.
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Left to right: Catherine Veronica (McCafferty)Cafferty (Born in Ireland and dropped the Mc from her name when she came to this Country), Annie Doran-McAlpine(born in Ireland), Anna Josephine Brown-McAlpine (born in Oklahoma), Patrick James McAlpine, Sr. (born in Ireland)and their biological daughter, Sr. Mary Anita, S.S.J. also know as Hazel McAlpine (born in Holyoke, Ma.). This picture was taken on the occasion of my mother's Confirmation.
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Annmarie Christian Looking for my Oklahoma Barr family. J.C. Barr married to Matilda Root-Barr-Jackson
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Annmarie Christian This is the only photo (taken from a book jacket) I have. Other family members are in my Family Tree at Annmarie
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Annmarie Christian Would you know if she had a brother named James. W. Adams. I'm researching James W. Adams married to Annie McAlpine-Adams who finally settled in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. He built the first macadam road on Main Street in Sapulpa. Southampton, Massachusetts
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Annmarie Christian Why would you say he unfortunately passed away in his slepp when he had least didn't suffer being awake when he died. I'd be happy if my children would be with me when I met my Breath Master.
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Annmarie Christian What a terrific story this is. It goes to show, you can do anything you put your mind to.
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Annmarie Christian I have a John Charles Barr in my family tree who was married to my great great grandmother, Matilda Root-Barr-Jackson. Could these people be related? Annmarie J. Bissonnette-Christian Southampton, Massachusetts
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Annmarie Christian Where was she born??? What else do you know about her??
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Annmarie Christian Hi Sharon Would you know City or State of this W.V. Barr? I have some of my "Barr" photos posted on this site. My Barr's are from the Sapulpa, Oklahoma area and married to Yuchi/Creek's. Annmarie J. Christian Southampton, Massachusetts
May 03, 2008 · posted to the photo W. V. Barr
Annmarie Christian It would hep to know what city or State the picture came from and might help to identify the woman. Is her last name Brown?
Dec 26, 2007 · posted to the photo Brown Photographer
Annmarie Christian I have a public family tree at under: "Bissonnette-Christian-Brown-Mc Alpine-Barr-Wadsworth-Holden-Tiger-Root-Oatkey-Atkins-Nave-Branchcomb-Nichols-Walz-Gelinas-Vann." I have Cunningham's in my Tree through marriage and wonder if any of these names might be connected to the Cunningham's in your picture? Ms. Annmarie J. Bissonnette-Christian
Oct 22, 2007 · posted to the photo Cunningham and Turner Family
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