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Families researching: Adams, Atkins, Barr, Betie, Bissonnette, Branchcomb, Briggs, Brown, Buckley, Cafferty, Callahan, Christian, Doran, Fisher, Fox, Gelinas, Greenwood, Holden, Hurley, Mcalpine, Mccafferty, Mcginty, McNairn, Nave, Nichols, Nugent, Oatkey, Riley, Root, Shields, Tiger, Vann, Wade, Wadsworth, Walz

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Annmarie Christian I just checked my tree and I don't have a George Washington Barr anywhere in my tree. The only Barr family I have is from my great grandmother, Emma Ann Barr buried in South Heights Cemetery in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Your message to me must have been an error.
Feb 11 · posted to the photo George Washington Barr
Annmarie Christian I have a Family tree at I don't recall this name right now as I haven't worked on the Barr family in quite some time, but I can look it up for you. My maternal great grandmother was Emma Barr, a Creek Native American born in Wagoner County, Oklahoma. I've found her in all census records except 1900. Emma married Mitchell Wadsworth, Jr. and had my grandmother Mary Wadsworth in 1903 if I remember right. Then she had a stillborn son in 1904 and died shortly after. I haven't had much luck with the Wadsworth side but if I have anything from the Barr side, I got all the info from my cousin who did extensive searches on the Barr family. If you belong to Ancestry I can send you the link to my tree by sending me an E-mail to Thanks, Annmarie J. Bissonnette-Christian
Feb 11 · posted to the photo George Washington Barr
Annmarie Christian Looking for my Oklahoma Barr family. J.C. Barr married to Matilda Root-Barr-Jackson
Mar 11, 2015 · posted to the photo Children of James & Cuzza Roach Barr
Annmarie Christian This is the only photo (taken from a book jacket) I have. Other family members are in my Family Tree at Annmarie
Apr 11, 2012 · posted to the photo Chief Samuel William Brown, Jr.
Annmarie Christian Would you know if she had a brother named James. W. Adams. I'm researching James W. Adams married to Annie McAlpine-Adams who finally settled in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. He built the first macadam road on Main Street in Sapulpa. Southampton, Massachusetts
Nov 01, 2008 · posted to the photo Emma Lee Adams
Annmarie Christian I have a John Charles Barr in my family tree who was married to my great great grandmother, Matilda Root-Barr-Jackson. Could these people be related? Annmarie J. Bissonnette-Christian Southampton, Massachusetts
Aug 31, 2008 · posted to the photo James & Louisa Barr
Annmarie Christian Where was she born??? What else do you know about her??
Aug 30, 2008 · posted to the photo Victoria Brown (nee vega)
Annmarie Christian Hi Sharon Would you know City or State of this W.V. Barr? I have some of my "Barr" photos posted on this site. My Barr's are from the Sapulpa, Oklahoma area and married to Yuchi/Creek's. Annmarie J. Christian Southampton, Massachusetts
May 03, 2008 · posted to the photo W. V. Barr
Annmarie Christian It would hep to know what city or State the picture came from and might help to identify the woman. Is her last name Brown?
Dec 26, 2007 · posted to the photo Brown Photographer
Annmarie Christian I have a public family tree at under: "Bissonnette-Christian-Brown-Mc Alpine-Barr-Wadsworth-Holden-Tiger-Root-Oatkey-Atkins-Nave-Branchcomb-Nichols-Walz-Gelinas-Vann." I have Cunningham's in my Tree through marriage and wonder if any of these names might be connected to the Cunningham's in your picture? Ms. Annmarie J. Bissonnette-Christian
Oct 22, 2007 · posted to the photo Cunningham and Turner Family