We Thought This Looked Good? How Hairstyles Have Changed

Created on Apr 18, 2016 by Kathy Pinna
From intricate curls piled on top of our heads to long, straight, and ironed - hair styles change every decade or so. Can you tell the decade by the styles below? We bet some of them will confuse you!

A brief history of hair during the past 100 years: At the turn of the 20th century, hairstyles began to be more diverse than before. Hair was worn fuller and looser, and could be long or short. By the teens, big bows in the hair also became the rage. In the '20's, the bob, with kiss curls (or spit curls), headbands, and feathers in the hair became popular, as did marcel waves and snoods. (Anyone have any of their grandmother's snoods?) In the 30's and 40's, many of the previous styles continued - as well as adding long, loose, wavy hair (remember the Veronica Lake look and victory rolls?). All of this - and only half way through the century! Do you remember curling your hair with bobby pins or juice cans? Or beehives, teasing, the wedge, small bows and headbands? Just some of the hairstyles and hair accessories we have all succumbed to!


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We Thought This Looked Good? How Hairstyles Have Changed

Hours of work!

In the late 1800's, this hairstyle must have taken hours of work. How did she do it?

Big hair, little hat

This 1940's 'do was loose and full with plenty of waves.

Spit curls!

In the 1920's, spit curls were the "cat's meow".

Long, long, long

This is the mid 1800's - just how long did it take for her hair to dry without a hairdryer?

The pixie

Icon Audrey Hepburn always exuded beauty - in the 1950's, she epitomized the pixie cut.

Short and permed

In the 1950's, many women chose short, permed hair.

Do you know the decade?

This woman took a lot of time creating her hairstyle. Perfect!


She looks like she has a 1970's 'fro but this photo is really from 1909!

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