About AncientFaces

At a Glance

AncientFaces is a free community comprised of people around the world who believe in sharing their family history and genealogy. AncientFaces creates a picture of our shared past through the collaborative effort of our online community. Through uploading our own vintage family photos we enable others to discover our visual history.

Create a free account and try sharing a few photos to see what happens. You might discover a cousin, or find a photo of your great-grandmother, but your contribution will help write history.

Our History

In the late 1990's, families around the world found a new tool when online genealogical research was made available. Websites that offered census records, ship manifests, social security records, message boards, and more made for easier researching. In the spring of 1999, the Kroetch/Pinna family decided that something more was needed: Through sharing old photos of family members, current and future generations would be able to add a 'face' to the statistical data about their ancestors. Images of family members, often unknown or thought to be lost, could be placed online so that distant relatives and old family friends could share their heirlooms, easily. But there were no websites available then that performed this service.

Two sisters, Pamela & Kathleen Kroetch, and Kathy's son Daniel Pinna with his partner Carlos Filipe Medeiros, created AncientFaces to fill this gap. Their online program for sharing genealogy photos quickly became popular, even spawning imitators. Within a few years, AncientFaces had grown from a few hundred photos to tens of thousands of photos submitted from thousands of families spanning the globe.

The AncientFaces family invites you to become a part of this ongoing project. Browsing and sharing is free and open to anyone!

Our Company

Led by the initial founders, AncientFaces is one of the few truly free genealogy websites available in the world. Founded in 2000 and based in Silicon Valley, the AncientFaces team is dedicated to building an application that empowers individuals to collaborate together to create a visual representation of our shared history.

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