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World War II

World War 2, the most widespread war in history, involved over 30 countries and 100 million people. Read more >>

Officially lasting from 1939 through 1945, World War II was a global war pitting the Axis against the Allies. It is estimated that between 50 million to 85 million people were killed worldwide, making it the most deadly conflict in human history. << Read less
Please help ID. this photo of a man of WWII? From Galena, Kansas area even Joplin, MO.
A photo of WWII B Company, 366th MED (Medical?) BN (Battalion?), Panther Division
A photo of my grandfather, Elmer Szafranski, who is the 4th man from the left. My mom says it's from his "tour of Germany" he helped liberate Dachau concentration camp
People in this photo:
A photo of Ralph Baverstock (grandad) and his pals: 6 men of the 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment. Bottom right is my grandfather Ralph Baverstock, bottom left is his friend Harry Marshall. Top right is believed to be Ernie Askew but unsure.After five years of research, the three other chaps are still unknown. Shortly after this photo was taken the 2nd Battalion these 6 men carried out their first jump into battle on the 29th November 1942 at Deppiene in Tunisia. Both my grandfather and Harry went on to fight in Sicily, Italy and Holland but nothing is known of the other and what happen to them, something I would dearly like to find out. The guys are all very the Army Air Corps badge on their berets in this photo as the no familiar winged badge didn't come into use until early 1943
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A photo of Ivor Maurice Jones
People in this photo:
Ivor Maurice Jones
May 13, 1907 - Oct 21, 1944
A photo of Capt Raymond Browne, Goorkha Rifles. Known as "Duggie" and had two brothers, Brian and Struan
B25 Mitchell Bomber - Plane John E Grady, Papa Jack, co-piloted. His plane was hit by aniti-aircraft fire from a Japanese destroyer. Pilot was wounded in both hands and arms and Papa Jack was wounded in both legs. The pilot used his legs and Papa Jack used his hands to fly back to their base. Once he recovered, he was made a flight instructor.
People in this photo:
John E Grady
Feb 17, 1920 - Mar 8, 2004
Lombard, IL
My father had this photo in his World War II memory album. He said Henry was his best friend on the back “Good as Gold” The back of the photo has also been uploaded.
People in this photo:
Henry J Sandri
Born: around 1915
Pennsylvania, United States
My father, Spencer Williams, his step brother L.J. Lindley and brother Daymond Williams were all in the service at the same time in 1944.
People in this photo:
Spencer Williams
May 25, 1920 - Sep 25, 1969
A photo of Thomas Joseph Abruzzino. Taken during his service in the US Navy during WWII.
People in this photo:
Thomas Joseph Abruzzino
Nov 28, 1919 - Oct 24, 1944
A photo of Esker Scott Potts. Taken between 1943-1945 during his service as a PFC in the US Army during World War 2.
People in this photo:
Esker Scott Potts
Sep 28, 1924 - Jul 12, 1984
Sewickley, PA, United States
Photo of Paul Virgil Riggie taken sometime during his service in the US Navy as a Seaman during World War 2.
People in this photo:
Paul V Riggie
Mar 21, 1925 - May 9, 1992
Cincinnati, OH
This is a photo of Herbert Amato and Charles Haywood Sapp, taken during World War 2 while they were in Alaska.
People in this photo:
Charles Haywood Sapp
Sep 5, 1914 - Jan 14, 1970
West Virginia, United States
Photo of Harold Junior Potts taken sometime between 1943-1945 while serving as a Machinist Mate in the US Navy during World War 2.
People in this photo:
Harold Junior Potts
Oct 9, 1926 - Oct 6, 1995
Morgantown, WV, United States
This is a photo of Dora Ellen Quayle added by Sandra Morris on February 6, 2020. This photo was taken during WW11 Dora Ellen Quayle - Also known as her stepfathers name Dora Ellen Crockett, Her birth father died a year after she was born, and a few years later her mother remarried!
People in this photo:
Dora Ellen Quayle
1919 - 1972
Bendigo, Vic, Australia
A photo of my drawing of Reinhard Küsters
People in this photo:
Reinhard Küsters
Feb 26, 1939 - Jan 29, 1945
Dina was only 9 years old when she was sadly killed at Auschwitz-Birkenau on October 15,1942
People in this photo:
Dina Jeanette DeJong
Mar 31, 1933 - Oct 15, 1942
The World War II Draft Registration Card for men born on or after April 28, 1877 and on or before February 16, 1897 from 1942 for Armand Henry Kunde reads that his place of residence at the time was 435 Riverside Drive in Reno Nevada. His telephone number was 4604 (before numbers were 7 digits!) and it says that he was self employed, 5'11 had blue eyes and gray hair and weighed 180lbs.
People in this photo:
Armand Henry Kunde
Feb 12, 1885 - March 1972
Reno, NV, United States
A photo in WWII - Major C Malone Jr
People in this photo:
Major Cleveland Malone Jr.
Dec 23, 1924 - Mar 30, 2010
Homosassa, FL
A photo of Fred B. Brink Jr, taken 1944 at RAF Mount Farm, UK, when Captain Brink was a pilot in the 7th Photographic Reconnaissance Group, USAAF.
People in this photo:
Fred Bernard Brink Jr.
May 21, 1921 - Oct 26, 1944
Oklahoma, United States
A photo of an article about Brynmor Samuel Jones - MIA
People in this photo:
Brynmor Samuel Jones
around 1916 - Oct 15, 1941
Merchant Marine, WWII
People in this photo:
Kenneth William Burbank
Jul 4, 1916 - Jun 9, 1986
Raize was a week shy of her 8th birthday when she was sadly murdered during the Rumbula massacre in Latvia on Dec 8,1941
People in this photo:
Raize Haitov
Dec 15, 1933 - Dec 8, 1941
A photo of Warren S. Van Kleeck wearing his Army uniform in World War II.
People in this photo:
Warren S. Van Kleeck
Oct 30, 1925 - Jan 9, 2009
A photo of Warren Lee Lewis, WWII, USNavy, NAS Jacksonville, FL
People in this photo:
Warren Lee Lewis
Oct 3, 1920 - May 24, 1999
Orange Springs, FL
A photo of WWII Nurse Vivian Bullwinkle. Escaping Singapore on 12th Feb 1942 with 65 other Australian war nurses on the SS Vyner Brooke along with hundreds of other men, women and children, she found herself and 21 other nurses on Radji Beach, Banka Island. When Japanese troops arrived, they killed all the men, then they gathered 22 nurses together at the beach. Vivian said nothing aloud. None of the nurses did. Except for the sound of the water hitting their thighs, the beach was silent. Vivian, sad to think her mother would never learn what happened to her, suddenly felt peaceful when she realized she would soon see her deceased father. She wanted to communicate her new emotion to the other nurses. She turned and smiled at them. They returned her smile 'in a strange and beautiful way.'The Japanese and ordered them into the sea, where they machine gunned them. Nurse Bullwinkel, badly wounded and feigning death, was the only survivor..
People in this photo:
Vivian Bullwinkle
Dec 18, 1915 - Jul 3, 2000
A photo of Harold Nigel Egerton Salmon's buddies in plane
People in this photo:
Harold Nigel Egerton Salmon
around 1907 - Dec 6, 1943
A photo of an unknown corporal in World War II South Pacific
A photo of Mary Jane Collins (1919 -- 1969) who enlisted in the Navy WAVES in September of 1943, and was sent to Oklahoma A&M College at Stillwater for Yeoman training. It was there she met her future husband, D. Ray House (1918 -- (1885), who was stationed at Camp Maxey with the 99th Infantry division. They were married in Dallas in April of 1944, and Roy was deployed to Europe in September of 1944. Mary Jane went on to serve with the WAVES at the Algiers Naval Repair Base in New Orleans, eventually achieving the rank of Yeoman First Class.
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A photo of Arakal R. Israelian in EU theater, WWII
People in this photo:
Arakal R Israelian
Born: around 1918
MA, United States
A photo of Rudolph Blitz, twin to Leo Blitz. One of the family's stories was that the twins were not allowed to go on leave together, so they both dated the same girl, who never knew that she was actually dating two different men because they looked so much alike.
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A photo of Leo Blitz, one of a pair of twins who died aboard the USS Oklahoma.. His twin brother Rudolph Blitz also was lost aboard the USS Oklahoma. One of the family's stories was that the twins were not allowed to go on leave together, so they both dated the same girl, who never knew that she was actually dating two different men because they looked so much alike.
People in this photo:
Leo Blitz
Apr 9, 1921 - Dec 7, 1941
A photo of Hazel Ying Lee (Chinese: 李月英), First Chinese-American Pilot. ; August 24, 1912 – November 25, 1944) was a Chinese-American pilot who flew for the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II. In October 1932, Lee became one of the first Chinese-American women to earn a pilot's license. In speaking of Lee and the handful of other Chinese-American women pilots of that time, author Judy Yung has written "Although few in number, these first Chinese American aviators, in their attempt to participate in a daring sport, broke the stereotype of the passive Chinese women and demonstrated the ability of Chinese American women to compete in a male dominated field." While landing in Great Falls, Montana, Lee's plane and another P-63 collided, and were engulfed in flames. Lee was pulled from the burning wreckage of her airplane, her flight jacket still smoldering. Two days later, on November 25, 1944, Lee died from the burns she received in the accident.
People in this photo:
Hazel Ying Lee
Aug 24, 1912 - Nov 25, 1944
A photo of Saturnino Viana
People in this photo:
Saturnino Viana
Feb 5, 1919 - May 28, 2002
Lakeland, FL
A photo of future U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush, a Navy pilot in World War 2, at age 18. Two years later, in 1944, his plane was hit and he had to parachute out of the flaming vehicle - he was in a small raft for 4 hours until he was rescued.
People in this photo:
George Herbert Walker Bush
Jun 12, 1924 - Nov 30, 2018
A photo of my father, Charles P Vera, age 19. I believe he sent this photo home to his father before he was sent overseas during World War Two.
People in this photo:
Charles P Vera
Jan 13, 1924 - Feb 12, 1979
Lansdale, PA, United States
A photo of Tia Sialoi with his great friend, Ken Marshall on USS Caliente during WWII
People in this photo:
Tia Sialoi
Jun 7, 1925 - Jun 12, 1999
Nuuuli, AS
Found in a book at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Visalia CA in 1986. No writing on back of photo. Any info about these men appreciated.
A photo of Francis Poe Boyce, WWII, in his uniform.
People in this photo:
Francis Poe Boyce
Nov 8, 1909 - May 11, 1988
Memphis, TN
A photo of Sabu Dastagir with Eleanor Roosevelt - he was a war hero too in WWII.
People in this photo:
Sabu Dastagir
Jan 27, 1924 - December 1963
A photo of Lft-Rght: Bud Confer, Vincent Lando, and Walter Dojka aboard the LST-910, WWII Pacific Theater.
People in this photo:
Leonard Earl Confer
Feb 22, 1922 - 2000
A photo of Victor A Marasti
People in this photo:
Victor A Marasti
Aug 9, 1918 - May 2, 2001
Benld, IL, United States
A photo of Victor A Marasti
People in this photo:
Victor A Marasti
Aug 9, 1918 - May 2, 2001
Benld, IL, United States
Fred William "Bud" Cook in the U.S. Army during WWII. He was in the Army from December 1942 to January 1946. He was in the 393rd Infantry regiment 99th Division. He was probably in the Battle of the Bulge. Fred was born on December 4, 1919 in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio to his parents, Charles and Lena (Tribbey) Cook. He died on December 20, 1963 of bronchial pneumonia. He refused to see a Dr. and ended up in the hospital. Fred married Helen Sositko in May 1946 and they had three daughters together.
People in this photo:
Fred William Cook
Dec 4, 1919 - Dec 20, 1963
From Lyle Irby Harman's WW2 photos. Thomas Cooney. I don't know Kizzar's name. BV Wilson's name is on the tank. 740th Tank Batallion in Europe. Cooney was from Ohio. Lyle is from Texas.
People in this photo:
A photo of my grandpa Wilkie Harper - end on left - his WWII duty! Reg Staff 2 Reg Ames Iowa Stae Guard
People in this photo:
Wilkie LaTrobe Harper
Aug 17, 1887 - Jul 4, 1968
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