Lest We Forget - The Children of the Holocaust

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Social policy matters. When Hitler became the duly chosen Chancellor of Germany in 1933, his social policy: Reduce unemployment, create jobs, and create an economically self-sufficient Germany. In pursuit of these goals, he banned labor unions and strikes, required a return to his preferred religion (Germanic paganism), and created public works programs so that all Germans would be employed. Two years later, laws banning marriage or sexual relations between Jews and non-Jews were enacted (later expanded to include "Gypsies, Negroes, or their bastard offspring"). And one year after that, the Four-Year Economic Plan's aim was to gain independence from foreign trade. Within five years the Holocaust was in motion. Millions of people - Jews, Slavs, Romani, Russians, mentally and physically disabled people, Jehovah's Witnesses, and more - were killed. And plans were in place to starve millions of "racially inferior" Europeans (controlled territories such as Russia, Slavic nations, etc) by seizing their food supplies and giving them to Germans.

These are some of the faces of the children who were Holocaust victims - heartbreaking. Who knows what talent was lost, what they would have become, and what they would have added to our lives.

Lest We Forget - The Children of the Holocaust

Czech Republic

Mirjam Helene Friedmann

Murdered at Auschwitz Death Camp on August 29, 1944, age 5.


Abraham & Sarah Schwarzschild

Killed in a mass grave at Riga, Latvia on October 25, 1941 at ages 4 & 3.


Juda Polter

Murdered at Auschwitz Death Camp on September 14, 1942 at age 5.



Heinrich Sund

He had microcephaly and was killed by an overdose of morphine.


Lillian Gruenfeld

Deported to Auschwitz Death Camp then murdered on August 17, 1942 at age 5.


Anna Dawidowicz

Murdered at Auschwitz Death Camp on September 1942 at age 4.


Rolf Haubenreisser

Had seizures and difficulty speaking. Died of starvation on May 16, 1945 at age 9.



Andre Hartstein 1938

Deported to Auschwitz then murdered 5 years later on December 10th at age 7.


Hella Beilelfeld

Murdered on November 20, 1941 at age 3 years.


Jacqueline Bernheim, Belgium

Born 1936, killed 1944 Auschwitz


Ruth Lustig 1939

Deported to Auschwitz Death Camp then murdered 4 years later at age 5 years.


Svetlana Kramer

Murdered at Bershad camp in Ukraine in 1943 at age 4.


Werner Gross

Transferred to the "Heil- und Pflegeanstalt Eichberg" & was killed by a medical experiment on October 6, 1943 at age 4. (He had difficulty speaking and hearing and couldn't walk.)



Mina Beigelman, 1937

Murdered at Odessa, Ukraine in 1941 at age 5.


Sandro Sonnino 1941

Deported to Auschwitz Death Camp on October 18, 1943 with his mother and sister Mara (3) and brother Mario (2) then murdered 5 days later at age 5.


Albert Kaczka

Born 1933, killed 1942 Auschwitz


Manfred Shtern

Murdered at Auschwitz Death Camp on October 31, 1944 at age 7.


Nicole Bloch, France

Born 1939, killed 1943 Auschwitz


Ezter Fichhoff

Murdered at Auschwitz Death camp in 1944 at age 1 year.


Alfred Rahnhert 1940

Diagnosed with a debility, murdered in the gas chamber on November 1, 1943 at age 5.


Simon Herman van den Bergh

Born 1941, killed 1943 Sobibor

Emma de Jonge

Born 1938, killed 1942 Auschwitz

Hans Bartels 1942

Born 1936, killed 1942 Auschwitz

Christina Anholt 1942

Murdered in Auschwitz on Jul. 23, 1942

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