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Obediah "Bud" Marcillious Jordan b.20 Jun 1851 Tennessee - d.20 Aug 1938 Ft. worth, Tarrent Co.Texas wife Nancy R.Johnson b.Jan 1856 d.27 Jan 1905 Santa Ana, California Ch.E.Anna Jordan b.1875 Alvarada, Johnson Co., TX.- Adelle Ida b.Jun 1877 Tx.- John W. b.1880 Tx.- Mattie L. b.Jan 1885 Tx.- Jessona b.Nov 1887 Tx.- Jeffie b.1887 Tx.- Ruby b.Sep 1891 Tx.- Duncan M. b.Sep 1895 Tx.- Orman Marcillious b.1895 Tx.- Erberd b.May 1896 Tx.- Some older ones may not be in picture.
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b.16 Mar 1852 Camden, Ouchita Co., Arkansas,- d.02 May 1929 Little River Co.,Arkansas His father is Hardy Glenn & mother, Elizabeth Unknown. His wife Cleopatra Ann Thornton b.Sep 1854 Montgomery,Morgan Co.,Tennessee d.15 Nov 1933 Jackson Twnp.,Little River Co.,Arkansas. He is father of Jesse George Glenn
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This picture is a drawing of what my mother remembered seeing his picture,when about 12, in black & white. He had Cherokee ancestor's, & was bronze,brown,olive skin,& mother got the drawing as close as she could, but died before finishing it. The real picture was lost in a flood in New Mexico, at his daughter's home.
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This is my Grandfather, some called him "Bud"- b.1913 - d.Aug 1982,Davis, Murray Co. ,Oklahoma. His father was Oscar Thomas b.19 Sep 1886 - d.1951 & mother was Allie L.Hill b.Dec 1889 - d.Bet. 1960 - 1962. Lived around Thomas, Johnston Co.,Oklahoma & Garrett, Johnston Co.,Oklahoma.
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My father got this picture from a cousin, Wanda Whatley Chaddick, I'm not sure this is Thomas or maybe his father, Great or Great Great grandfather, to my father. His left hand looks as if he had an accident, & maybe lost some fingers, a glove is only on his left hand. The picture was oblong & too big to show the full body. He had boots on. I have more info.on the family.
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Cynthia C.(Plemmons) Kinsey 76 years old in 1910. She died 1916 84 years old.
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Gayla Threatt My Glenn's were from Ten.,Ark. & Okl. so far I don't see these names, but I'll keep my eyes open.
Feb 09, 2010 · posted to the photo Wiley Glenn
Gayla Threatt P.S. I read it again, you are right, so I guess you add two more cups.
Mar 01, 2007 · posted to the story BLEENA - PANCAKES - YEAST
Gayla Threatt you got me curious now, not much ingrediance, sounds simple
Mar 01, 2007 · posted to the story Dutch Baby
Gayla Threatt Sounds great, will have to try it
Mar 01, 2007 · posted to the story Fluffy Chocolate Pancakes
Gayla Threatt Sounds good, I'll try it. Thanks, Gayla
Feb 20, 2007 · posted to the story Mrs. Hartman's Depression Cake
Gayla Threatt This was a very nice picture. We are looking for a William Johnson. I was just checking this out.
Mar 18, 2003 · posted to the photo Thomas Jefferson Johnson