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Name: Gayla Threatt
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About: Glenn, Lewis, Whatley, Howell, Bland, Womack, Thornton, Davis, Lightfoot, Daniel, Neville, Buchanan, Haney, Johnson, Ezell, Stribling, Childress, Sterling, Canter, Gibson, Waddell, Murrell, Andrews, Threatt, Mangham, Mangum, Lyell, Kinsey,Wilson Williams, Wilson, Clawson, Holman, Tugman, Lyon, Tung, Rogers, Calvert, Bowles, Jordan, Griffith, Snodgrass, Morgan, Shields, Stewart, Jones, Anderson, Calvet, Krudwig, Goss,Putnam
Surnames: Johnson, Davis, Jordan, Holman, Childress, Lyon, Morgan, Wilson, Rogers, Calvert, Jones, Stewart, Howell, Anderson, Neville, Lewis, Gibson, Daniel, Haney, Womack, Buchanan, Glenn, Thornton, Bowles, Andrews, Shields, Griffith, Mangum, Lyell, Kinsey, Putnam, Snodgrass, Ezell, Goss, Murrell, Sterling, Whatley, Clawson, Bland, Waddell, Lightfoot, Stribling, Mangham, Canter, Threatt, Wilson Williams, Tugman, Tung, Calvet, Krudwig

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Wiley Glenn Feb 09, 2010
My Glenn's were from Ten.,Ark. & Okl. so far I don't see these names, but I'll keep my eyes open.
P.S. I read it again, you are right, so I guess you add two more cups.
Dutch Baby Mar 01, 2007
you got me curious now, not much ingrediance, sounds simple
Sounds great, will have to try it
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