A Mother’s Love Can’t Be Matched

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It's the most difficult job in the world - and the most rewarding. If you're a parent (or a child), you know what that means: nothing compares to a mother's love for her children. It's fierce.

This collection of photos from the last 125+ years captures the love and bond between every mother and child. Celebrate the mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers who have been in your life.

These photos remind us of how much we've been blessed by these women. If they're still with you, honor them. If they're not, honor their memory.

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She has a 4 month old and she's managed to shower and dress up? We're impressed!

Like a little koala - Clinging love in 1894

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Photo of Adrienne Alair Adrienne Alair
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shared on 10/17/2015

It looks like this little girl adored her Mom.

Mothers (& mothers to be) in the 1950's

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Four generations of women - the first born in Wales, the 2nd born in England, the 3rd born in Seattle, and the 4th generation born in California.


Moms can be stylish

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Lee (Bouvier) Radziwill, Janet (Lee) Bouvier, and Jackie (Bouvier) Kennedy. 1940s

Like mother, like daughters - in the 1920s

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Amy Wright
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shared on 12/08/2013

Can't you just tell that they're related?

Fashionable family!

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The daughter's hat is a real standout!

So precious in 1925

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You can tell it's the 1920's from the Marcel or finger wave.


Proud Mom & daughter in the 1910's

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Over 100 years old, this photo looks like it was taken yesterday.

Beautiful photo reminds us of Madonna of Bruges

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Her firstborn

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1891 California

The two yr old (the blurry one) looks like she's a handful!

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1916 Canada

And then they're grown . . . sigh

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Photo of Maureen Ritter Maureen Ritter
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shared on 01/07/2015

But we're still Mom


Oh, boy - FOUR sons!

Bet this was one busy Mom
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Photo of Steve Payne Steve Payne
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Proud Grandma

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Photo of Karen Hedrick Karen Hedrick
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shared on 04/02/2014

Grandma was born in 1841 - the stories she could have told. IF they'd known to ask.


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Nicely done colorized photo

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What does he see?!

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Allyson Garcia
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Circa 1929

Happy kids!

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Judy Henderson
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Tired Mom?


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Circa 1922 - again, the daughter has a great hat, and smile!

Twice blessed mom - twins!

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We all love our Grandmas

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WW2 soldier & brave Mom

It's often harder to stay at home and worry
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Photo of Josh Currie Josh Currie
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Photo of Suzie Heaton Suzie Heaton
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Remember those first steps? Learning to walk, 1954.

Can’t help but smile looking at this

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Little dolls holding dolls

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1926 New York

3 generations in Norway

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In folk costume, 1936

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Photo of John Vaughn John Vaughn
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shared on 11/11/2015

3 generations in the U.S.

Ann Jarvis, 1880 - the inspiration for Mother's Day

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Her daughter, Anna, campaigned for Mother's Day in her honor. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson designated the second Sunday in May as the nationally recognized holiday, Mother's Day.

Did you know? Mother's Day became a U.S. holiday in 1914 but we're sure you'll agree that - if you’ve ever been a mother or had a mother (and that's all of us) - every day should be mother's day. Mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers - they all love us unconditionally, take care of us, and support us through every stage of our life.

Have photos that you'd like to see included? Share your photos or see photos of our adorable ancestors when they were children on the next page.

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