Lost and Found Family Photos

Created on Oct 15, 2020 by Kathy Pinna
They may have been found in dumpsters, in the walls or attic when remodeling old homes, inherited from a distant family member, or sold at flea markets or antique stores. They may have been in treasured family albums, with or without names, but no one knows who they are and how they fit into the family. The one thing that all of these photos have in common is this: They all are orphans and have lost their families.

And that's what the people who shared these photos are trying to rectify. They've rescued these unique photos and are working to reunite them with someone who cares.

Please take a look and see if you can help in any way. Do you recognize any clues that can shed light on locations or dates? Do you potentially recognize a face in one of these photos? Leave a comment - every voice counts! Each and every single one of these orphan photos represents a life, is special, and deserves a home with a loved one.

Lost and Found Family Photos

The Philippines? Cuba? Puerto Rico?

Alfredo to Lucella

All of these countries have been suggested as his background. The back of the photo says "Alfredo to Lucella"

Those eyes!

Unknown Girl and Her Dog

The eyes on both the dog and the little girl. Any clues as to when this was? And perhaps more importantly, do you know her name?

Sailor suit - so cute

Mark Twedt

The photo says Mark Twedt at the bottom and it was taken in Iowa - a lot of clues for one photo. Do you know the Twedt family or are you related?



Tricycle Rider

Such a great smile as she cycles towards the camera. This little girl could still be alive.

1932 Chicago


It looks like their names are Marie and Dena. They may be nurses? And "1932" is written on the front. But the back says "194-" They all seem to be clues but they are confusing ones.


Two Women in Fabulous Hats

"Heads up or there is going to be a fearful crash" written on the back of the photo. A comment on the size of the hats? Someone must see something that is a clue to at least the date?


Wedding Day

Lovely wedding, lovely people. Someone must know this bride and groom?


Flapper style?

She looks like a flapper...

The owner thinks that she looks like a "flapper". If so, this photo was taken in the 1920s. She certainly has a great smile!

Happy Baby Boy?

Baby Photo

The owner thinks that this photo is from Iowa or Oregon. He certainly looks happy and well loved.

1890's Fashion?

Pensive Woman

Her face is sweet, her sleeves say 1890s fashion - do you recognize her or do you see other clues to her identity?

Found in central Texas

Bonnet Girl

Other than where the photo was found, no other clues are on this photo. What do you think - the 1940s?

Battle Creek, Michigan

Michigan Young Gril

It's so exciting when there's at least a location! Although this photo is colorized, the red hair seems to suit her. Can you claim her?

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