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Aaron Yelverton
Aug 27, 1935 - Oct 29, 2015
Adam Williams
Nov 26, 1922 - Dec 4, 2006
Alan Arthur Bates
Feb 17, 1934 - Dec 27, 2003
Albert Finney
May 9, 1936 - Feb 7, 2019
Albert Payson Terhune
Dec 21, 1872 - Feb 18, 1942
Anne Meara
Sep 20, 1929 - May 23, 2015
Anthony Quayle
Sep 7, 1913 - Oct 20, 1989
Arthur Ashe
Jul 10, 1943 - Feb 6, 1993
Barry Nelson
Apr 16, 1917 - Apr 7, 2007
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Amanda S. Stevenson Married and Divorced in Texas. Was she raised there too in El Paso?
Feb 19 · posted to the photo Bettis family, restored
Amanda S. Stevenson Wonderful Host and Producer of This Is Your Life.
Feb 13 · posted to the person Ralph Livingstone Edwards
Amanda S. Stevenson Thanks Kathy!
Feb 11 · posted to the photo Marian Anderson
Amanda S. Stevenson Please use this photo.
Feb 11 · posted to the photo Marian Anderson
Amanda S. Stevenson I went to see Quo Vadis as a small child with strong psychic images. When I got home I announced to my mother: Some day I will be friends with Peter Ustinov even though he was Nero. I will also meet Deborah Kerr. But I will never meet Robert Taylor. My mother was happy that we had become friends. Years later we met again. Such a wonderful man.
Feb 10 · posted to the photo Peter Ustinov and Amanda S. Stevenson
Amanda S. Stevenson Wonderful actor.
Feb 09 · posted to the person Albert Finney
Amanda S. Stevenson I met him many times and he always stopped to chat. He was so kind and friendly and personable and it amazes me that I am the one to take the time to give him a suitable tribute.
Feb 07 · posted to the photo Jack Dempsey
Amanda S. Stevenson She took my ORIGINAL painting by George Romney of Maria Hawkins Trelawny and handed it to a secretary and after being reminded over 20 times to get a detailed receipt, she didn't so I got a lying letter from Michael Galsworthy AFTER it was authenticated by THE BROOKLYN MUSEUM who decided to keep it and because I had NO RECEIPT gave me less than what was paid for it. That ended our relationship after seven years.
Feb 05 · posted to the photo Naomi H (Kulbokas) Thomas
Amanda S. Stevenson Wit and humor.
Feb 05 · posted to the person William Penn Rogers
Amanda S. Stevenson Wonderful actor. Peter Sellers, CBE was an English film actor, comedian and singer. He performed in the BBC Radio comedy series The Goon Show, featured on a number of hit comic songs and became known to a worldwide ... Born: September 8, 1925, Portsmouth, United Kingdom Died: July 24, 1980, Middlesex Hospital, London, United Kingdom Spouse: Lynne Frederick (m. 1977–1980), Children: Victoria Sellers, Michael Sellers, Sarah Sellers
Feb 03 · posted to the person Peter Sellers
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