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Families researching: Bogdanescu, Dopp, Gray, Hunt, Illig, Kennedy, Pinna, Tucker

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Kathy Pinna Mark - My sister posted this photo but I just saw your comment. Clary was married to my Dad's cousin, Aleen. I don't think that we have any family information on Clary. He was a nice guy, though!
Jun 14 · posted to the photo Kroetch and Cone Cousins
Kathy Pinna Susan - My mom posted this photo but that's me on the tube. We used to visit with Meeka and Lou often. He was such a nice man!
Jun 14 · posted to the photo Lou Vodila & friends at home
Kathy Pinna It looks like little dolls in their hands??
May 27 · posted to the photo Anna Byers and her Irish friends.
Kathy Pinna We had peach orchards in Cupertino! :)
Mar 01 · posted to the photo Tom and Dennis Murphy
Kathy Pinna Have you told Social Security??
Feb 25 · posted to the person A K Bullard
Kathy Pinna Karen, This is a social security death index record. I would be happy to add your Mom's maiden name since Social Security doesn't include it. If you have other questions, you can email me at afc@ancientfaces.com
Feb 08 · posted to the person Birdean (Helmers) Seastrum
Kathy Pinna Maiden name??
Feb 04 · posted to the person Birdean (Helmers) Seastrum
Kathy Pinna Yes, I think it's a re-enactment photo.
Feb 01 · posted to the photo Jacob F Klaassen
Kathy Pinna Thomas - If you find a biography that has already been created (a government record or by a member), adding a comment can elicit more information. Extended family members (known and unknown) will reply to your comment, giving you more information. This has happened thousands of times on AncientFaces. Please don't give up just because you're finding the same information. That's the power of a free community!!
Jan 29 · posted to the photo Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole
Kathy Pinna Denise - You can do a search for his name on AncientFaces.com (search box in the upper left) or you can post a photo, or you can add a comment on this page. The last two will encourage extended (and perhaps lost/unknown) family members to share their information.
Jan 28 · posted to the person Lawrence Braun
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