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Name: Carol Lanza
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About: I love researching my family and the main names I'm searching for in my family are: Taylor/Horner/Sims/Baker/Dennis/Fife/ White/Miller/Jackson/Essick/Todd/Romine & Perrin In my husband's family: Lanza/Meier/ Cassel/Noland/Thompson/Payne/Rees/ Marheine/Falikowski/Mohrhoff/Johnson Gurecio/Gustafson/Thom Areas are: Ireland/Germany/England to: PA-OH-Wis-Iowa
Surnames: Taylor, Johnson, Thompson, Jackson, Miller, Sims, Baker, Payne, Dennis, Rees, White, Todd, Romine, Lanza, Meier, Horner, Perrin, Essick, Cassel, Gustafson, Fife, Gurecio, Marheine, Mohrhoff, Falikowski, Achilies, Thom

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