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Wow, probably in Bay Area. My grandparents, one from each side. Connie married Heine Barrett (2nd husband.)
Chuck Barrett, 1952 several hours ago
No he isn't. He lived with us until about 1958. I miss him.
Three Buddies, summer of 1951 several hours ago
So, it was probably Washington at that time (Bremerton). He died a few years ago and my Mom can't remember much anymore - so that's all of the information I know! Sorry
Chuck Barrett several hours ago
Yes, Korean War. I think his grandparents lived in Montana - at least as far back as the 40's. He died a few years ago so I can't get much more information.
Chuck Barrett and "girlfriend" several hours ago
He was born in Montana and lived in Washington and California -I'm not sure where his father was born since he was my mother's stepbrother. Yes, he was a Korean War veteran.
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