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Name: Pepsi Willis-Maxwell
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About: I'm researching the surnames: Willis, Mayes, Urton, Bowles, Strow, Davis, Cain, Wilson, Alberts, Albright, Anderson, Hon, Pack/Packe, Angel, Duncan, Schoen, Riehle, South, Reynolds, Thomas, Browning, Bayse, Mitchell, Louk, Bentley, Naylor, Shelton, Wood, Lowe, Baber, Adams, Martin, Lawson, Race, Rice, Bridgewater, Hix, Cox, Higgins, Symons, Yates, McKenny, Owens, Ray, Dehart, Howell, Ramsey, Toleson, Sumpter, Eleson, Lane, Cornelissen, Stoffles, South, Falk, Ernst, Garrett, Williams, Bolton, O'Dell, Brock, Tudor, Peek/Peak, Hale, Qualls, Pierce, Harness, Smith, Poindexter, Story, Speer, Flynn, Kitely, Speer, Steelman, Pledge, Veale, Crawford, Nichols, Effard, Casey, Wayne, & Maxwell. I'm researching both my husband's side and my own side. I'd like to have this information to pass on to our children and grandchildren and so on.
Surnames: Garrett, Shelton, Browning, Davis, Smith, Hale, Lowe, Thomas, Story, Lawson, Naylor, Lane, Wilson, Mitchell, Howell, Anderson, Wood, Crawford, Cox, Martin, Rice, Williams, Ramsey, Angel, Maxwell, Brock, Duncan, Flynn, Nichols, Pierce, Ray, Owens, Adams, Bowles, Bolton, Reynolds, Yates, Willis, South, Speer, Hon, Ernst, Cain, Albright, Bentley, Higgins, Peek, Poindexter, Pack, Harness, Hix, Qualls, O'Dell, Casey, Tudor, Dehart, Baber, Mayes, Schoen, Wayne, Symons, Peak, Race, Steelman, Alberts, Bridgewater, Louk, Strow, Pledge, Sumpter, Falk, Bayse, Urton, Riehle, McKenny, Toleson, Eleson, Cornelissen, Stoffles, Kitely, Veale, Effard, Packe

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